The Regiment {@TheRegiment} Back at {@Hippnott} – Celebrate W/ Brand New Track Feat. {@SadatX} {@ElDaSensei}



Press Release From HiPNOTT Records:

It’s been 3 years since Detroit Hip Hop duo The Regiment released their album The Panic Button on HiPNOTT Records. Since then, OSI and IseQold have been busy building their brand and working with other dope people in the industry.  Today, we are happy to annouce that The Regiment is back home at HiPNOTT Records!

To celebrate today’s news, we have a brand new track for free download. Produced by Japan’s DJ Duct, the new single “Raise Up” has The Regiment teaming up withSadat X (of Brand Nubian) and El Da Sensei (of The Artifacts).  Trust us, the song is amazing and is indicative of the new music you’ll be hearing here at HiPNOTT. Grab the free download below.


Modern day hip hop has become a battleground where binged out messiahs of materialism have often gained the upper hand, but MCs OSI and IseQold of the Regiment are the positive force for change in music.

OSI and Ise define the Regiment as “a number of people fighting for a common cause.” When the cause is something as vast as Hip Hop culture there are no individuals that can get the job done alone. OSI and IseQold now lead The Regiment and legions of music lovers wanting quality work are willing to join the battle. Dealing with the everyday struggles of trying to make it in an often brutal world, The Regiment leaves the gold plated fantasies to others. Taking cues from artists as diverse as KRS-1 and J-Dilla, the crew mixes the uplifting with the painfully truthful alongside production reminiscent of the days when people of all ages could listen and enjoy musical truth.



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Da Deputy {@dadeputy} – In Due Time III





For those of you that haven’t ever checked him out Dep is an indie from Fort Worth, Texas with a very unique outlook on redefining the current musical reputation Texas has on a national scale. Take a listen and if you feel compelled to follow him or learn more, all of his links are below!


Soundcloud: In Due Time 3
Twitter: @dadeputy
Facebook: dadeputy817
Youtube: chrisbdadeputy

New Dope Tech! – Ringly {@getringly}

ringly fashion technology

I just came across this new product of wearable technology, RINGLY, via a Facebook sponsored post (sometimes they get it right). Thought it interesting enough to share. This beautiful piece of 18K matte gold jewelry has a built in Bluetooth LE that pairs with your smart phone and then vibrates to notify you of important incoming messages. It also has a very small LED light on the side that flashes 5 different colors. The app lets you customize the vibrations and colors so you know which important notification is which.

At only $145.00 for early adapters, yes, I said only, I think it this is an awesome ring fashion wise – and if it does what it claims, an awesome ring tech wise as well. Please keep in mind I have not actually seen or tested the Ringly, but from the site and the reviews I have read, this early supporter discounted price (normally $195.00) seems like a bargain. I am a fan of the “Wine Bar” color (above), which is good since the emerald “Into The Woods” color has already sold out.  Check out the site, to learn more. They begin shipping this Fall, so you may wanna pre-order today to get in on the special pricing. If you have tried one, please leave us a comment below with what you think!

Nikkiya {@Nikkiya} Releases sheBLACKOUT on DJBooth.Net



After the huge success of her last project SpeakHer, South Carolina singer/songwriter Nikkiya took some time out to focus on penning tracks for other artists as well as working on her newest musical offering. Fast forward to 2014, and Nikkiya is back with brand new mixtape sheBLACKOUT as well as a deal with Warner/Chappell.

First single “Telegram” was premiered DJBooth.Net on Weds May 28th and now the full project is available on the site.

Nikkiya brings her trademark “down-to-earth point of view” to sheBLACKOUT but this time with a slightly darker ambiance, chronicling her highs and lows over the past year. Nikkiya (who has worked with some notable names in the past including hip hop legend MC Lyte and Tech N9ne) has her sights firmly set on a promising future as a formidable songwriter. sheBLACKOUT displays the songwriter’s  innate ability to capture everyday, relatable experiences in a melodiously illustrious way.

sheBLACKOUT is 17 track project consisting of beautiful lyrics and harmonious vocals transported through deeply stirring accapella’s and freestyles.

We really hope you give it a good listen. It’s a phenomenal project!

For more info on Nikkiya please check out

Notoriety {@notorietymusic} – “Gaining” (feat. Catch Wreck) {@catchwreck}

As per Notoriety: The third single off our upcoming mixtape, “The Ground Table”. It is simply entitled “Gaining” and it features Boston’s own Catch Wreck. “The Ground Table” will be a compilation project we created in order to bring all of our favorite Boston artists together. In an age where every individual is aiming to reign supreme, a unifying project such as this one is long overdue. Coming together as one is key, to us, the entire indie commUNITY and for the future of Hip Hop.




Catch Wreck:

Davon {@Davon856} “It’s All Good” Music Video

New Jersey and A Tree Grows Music Group‘s own, Davon, dropped his first music video from the re-release of his acclaimed mixtape “Carton Of Cool“! This awesome summer time video reminds us that even though we may have “a lot up on my plate… It’s All Good”!  Make sure you head over to their Soundcloud page to DL the song (and the rest of the album) this is definitely one of those end of summer staples, perfect for window down cruising and Labor Day BBQ’s!  Let us know what you think in the comments.

Johnny Astro {@JohnnyAstro_} Zeus: Chapter 1 Astrology

It’s been nearly 2 years since Arlington Texas based hip hop artist Johnny Astro released his classic “The World Ends” Mixtape, capturing the attention from many music lovers and critics world wide with his adaptation of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ in his “Good Night America”.

Now he’s returned with another instantaneous classic,

Z Chapter 1 : Astrology.

With amazing production value and numerous quotes to remember, this project marks the first of a five part series, displaying the evolution of a sound unmatched, worthy enough to ease of the ears of a God.

Twitter: Johnny Astro

Johnnys Facebook Page