The Bul Bey {@TheBulBey} “Where I’m From” Feat Davon {@Davon856}


This one holds a special place in my heart. If you know me, not only will you see that I make a slight appearance in the video (Shout Out to my third home,  Bellmawr!) but, it is mostly because I am fortunate enough to call these two my friends. I met Bey at one of my open mic showcases about a year and a half ago, and he instantly got my attention. What I have seen him accomplish in that brief period of time has been nothing short of amazing. Big Ups, Bey! You got this! Secondly, (and in full disclosure) Davon, is not only an artist that I manage under my music group, A Tree Grows Muisc Group, but he has grown into one of my best friends, and all around favorite people. To have these two do such a dope ass song and then this awesome video together, really captures the reason why I love working with indy artists. Because, when good, talented people come together, amazing things can happen. This is the epitome that. Huge thank you to Ace SameDNA for the beautiful direction and editing!!

Make sure to keep an ear out for The Bul Bey’s upcoming project, “Shaking Hands And Kissing Babies” #SHKB, which drops July, 31st and features this song, and some other really awesome tunes (I know, I’ve heard it).

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Alex Aff {@ImAlexAffMayne} – Who Knows Who Cares II


Durham NC hip hop artist Alex Aff serves up his new project “Who Knows Who Cares II” which is composed of original production coming mostly from Alex Aff himself, Along with a few other NC producers. Over some oily sounding beats, Alex Aff goes back and forth between his thoughts and perspective about his current situation. This lyrical, story-based project gives the listener a good feel as to who Alex Aff is and his sound as a growing artist.

You can listen here!


Click the album above to be sent directly to the mixtape for streaming!


Philly’s Own Ground Up {@TheRealGroundUp} Feat. In Huff Post

We are super excited to see Ground Up make it on to for the second time this year! The First time they were featured on the Huff’s 20 artists to watch, and now they are donning the headline:

Ground Up’s ‘Let’s Ride’ Is Your New Summer Party Anthem

Give it a listen ? watch below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Pro – {@pro_133} “Loopy” Ft Panic Boyz (produced by Panic Boy Pee)

NEW MUSIC! Syracuse, New Yorks standout new artist “Pro” just dropped his new video “Loopy” Ft Panic Boyz (@PanicBoyPee). This is the third single off of his upcoming “Picture me Rollin” Ep.


About that Personal Space: What to Do When Your Artist Goes Off-Grid in Your Own Home


Not only do I love supporting indie artists in their musical endeavors, but, I often find my self dating them as well. Thought this post was pretty spot on. What do you think?

Originally posted on Loving an Artist 101:


Dear artist friends and boo-friends, does this scenario sound familiar? It’s been a long day and an even longer week and all you want to do is come home, pop in a movie, order take-out, and spend some quality time with your artist. You told your artist to text what you want from the Thai place so you can put in the order on your way home. Oh, and you need to know what they’re feeling tonight, a six pack or the Chardonnay, and can they remember if you need toilet paper from the store. But, you know your artist, so right as you leave work, you call. You text. You call again. You text again. And again. And the texts get more desperate. And then angry. And the voicemails do too, “Heeyyyyyy. It’s me. Again.” You get home with all the shopping and your artist has gone ghost…

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New #DopeTuesdays Feat. @ASky84 @TheDopeBoys


#DopeTuesdays is back this week and we give the reigns of the series to fellow#DopeBoysBrand member A Sky for a new solo joint. On this one, a track produced by Storm Watkins, Sky tackles the “nonsense” that has evolved in music as he makes this one a lyrical joint with gems littered throughout.

I Quit Rap By Matthew Weiss

**This post orignially appeard on and is re-blogged with permission from the author, Matthew Weiss**

A friend of mine sent me this blog post to read because he thought I would get a kick out of it. I’ll be quoting it a fair amount, so it might be worth a read.

This post is a great example of all the wrong mindsets one can possess when approaching a career as a performing artist. Because I know so many people who have some or all of these perceptions I didn’t quite get the kick out of it my friend hoped I would.

However, I do feel it can be used as a bit of an educational service to those who are trying to make it as rappers (or really any performing artist of any variety).

Bear in mind that I work with folks who literally came from nowhere with nothing and went on to have steady, successful careers as performing artists. And yes, some of those folks have gone on to win Grammy’s and sell platinum numbers.

But that brings us to point number one.

1. Aim for a Career, Not a Dream

“Kanye West was my inspiration to start rapping.”

Shoot for the stars! But don’t do it without a space ship that can sustain life for the time it takes to get to those stars! Otherwise you’ll be out in space, starving, all cold. [And the winner for worst mixed metaphor goes to...].

Seriously though, overnight success is exactly that: overnight.

The list of artists who get on, make one hit, then vanish into obscurity vastly outweighs those who have a spur-of-the-moment hit and actually garner some longevity.

Meanwhile, the artists who grind, build connections, and develop a career never actually need to have a hit at all. If they do, even better, they can do more with it.

Kanye West had a successful (and unsuccessful) career as a producer before he ever landed a hit record. He was a member of a production team in the 90s and worked as a ghost producer (aka a guy who does all the work and gets none of the money or credit) for years.

He was getting placements on underfunded projects, most of which tanked, but ultimately earned those connections. In fact, it wasn’t until “The Mad Rapper” album where Kanye really got any recognition at all. …Read More…